Park'n Dine - Watch Your Step
A European Perspective

Story written by Horst Richter (Germany)

When we as Europeans read in the agenda of the IGUG Spring Conference, that Lunch is served in Park'n Dine, our first thought was, a new invention? Yes indeed, running out of space in the VBCC, a place has to be found, where lunch could be served. No problem at all for the Alabama Americans. They go across the street, take some decoration material and some carpet and rearrange part of a parking garage into a dining room. I thing at least in Germany this would not happen, because we have rules for nearly everything and I'm sure we must have a rule which says a parking garage can't be used or dining, because you have to fulfill this and that etc.

I remember that after crossing the street you had to go a few steps down to enter Park'n Dine. Because safety is a big issue in the US, someone from IGUG has posted three young ladies at the lower end of the stairs, to remind everybody very friendly to Watch Your Step. But this was not the whole story. The ladies were standing there with strapless gowns showing lots of cleavage. Every man entering this area was so fascinated to these cleavage, that the Watch Your Step had no effect any more and everyone was stumbling.

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